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Venus Rules News

17th April 2014

Beltane celebration! Dance round the Maypole! Honour the Maiden Goddess within. Sing, drum, laugh! Cost 5 Euros. THURSDAY 1st MAY 7 pm, my house, Quesada, phone for more info.

11th October 2013

My new song, May I be filled with loving kindness (MP3: 3.8 MB) came to me when I was recording lullabies for Laia, the new daughter of a friend of mine. It’s a kind of Metta prayer! Have a listen – it’s free!!

10th March 2013

On Sunday 10th March, 11am – 2pm (cost 10 Euros) I will be doing a workshop on the Violet Flame. This is a most wonderful and powerful healing technique which not only helps you – also your family and other loved ones!

1st June 2012

Check out Livestream - 9pm UK, 10pm CET, Tuesday 12th June! Poly and I will be singing and chanting, so if you fancy having your name sung with love and joy, log in and tell us you're there!

I'm doing a Mandala/Sacred Art workshop on Wednasday 27th June on the theme of the Divine Feminine. Venus will have just finished an 8 year journey that has opened up a few star gates! Come and find out how that applies to you.

And on Sunday 8th July I'll be doing a follow up to the Angel Light Initiation! This will be an attunement to the colours/rays of seven of the Archangels, plus a mandala workshop so we can express ourselves in colour!

Check out Events for more info.

24th April 2012


It is now going to be on Saturday 19th. So adjust your diaries and we'll see you there!!

15th April 2012

BELTANE CELEBRATION, 1st May 6.30pm. Sing your glory and dance round the Maypole!

I'm so excited to be doing another CONCERT WITH MICHELE AT THE DOME IN ALCALALI, on Saturday 19th May (date changed), probably around 7.30pm, phone me for more info. We'll be singing brand new songs and a few old ones, and generally having a great time. So come and help us raise some beautiful energy to send out to the Earth.

I'm delighted to be doing another ASTROLOGY WORKSHOP 28TH APRIL, 11am-4.30pm

And for something really new! Last month I was given an ANGEL LIGHT INITIATION ATTUNEMENT by Reike master Pauline Parker (reikiinspain.com) which enables me to pass this on to others. You do not need to be a Reiki practitioner to do this, it is a beautiful and powerful attunement which is suitable for all. I will be offering it to you on Sunday 27th May 11.30am - 1.30pm

5th March 2012

Continuing the regular workshops, Free Your Spirit sing Your Soul, and the meditation group.

There are also two Mandala/Sacred Art workshops, one on Angels and one on Astrological birth signs. Click on Events to find out more. Check out the Astrological Mandalas in the art gallery and see if you would like to use one of my designs or create your own.

I am also celebrating the Spring Equinox on the 20th March, so if you would like to join us in singing in the Spring, just give me a ring. This is a really powerful time to focus on what you would like to have in your life right now.

24th November 2011

So many events taking place in the next few weeks!

Monday 28th November, a new meditation group. Sunday 11th December, Free Your Spirit Sing Your Soul, Tuesday 13th December, I'm on Livestream with Poly, Saturday 17th December I'll be doing a concert/singalong with Poly in her house.

Lots to choose from! Check out Events to find out more.

Love, light and joy to all of you!

17th October 2011

The next Free your Spirit Sing Your Soul workshop will be on Saturday 5th November at 11.30am

11.11.11 (11th November) starting at 11am, so be here for10.45am. Using the wonderful special energies available to us on this day we will be tuning in to the highest ideals through sound and song.

18th September 2011

Saturday 1st October, 6.15pm at the EcoAltea Feria, Michele and I will be singing songs from Tribal Heart and possibly a few others. This is a really big fair, full of wonderful workshops, and takes place on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

On the 4th October at 10pm Spanish time 9pm UK time I'll be on Livestream with Polly Parker, singing, spreading peace and light and having a lot of fun.

Check out Events for both of these activities to get more information. Love, light and joy!

15th August 2011

I have finally put together some of the songs that were going to be called "Songs for the Journey". As most of them came from my Free Your Spirit, Sing your Soul workshops, I decided to name the CD after the workshops. You can download all the songs for 6 Euros, or listen for free to a couple of tracks.

Free Your Spirit, Sing Your Soul CD
Free tracks from the Free Your Spirit, Sing Your Soul CD
Buy the Free Your Spirit, Sing Your Soul CD (MP3 download)

14th March 2011

I am doing a new kind of workshop - SING FOR JOY on Tues 29th March, 11am - 1pm, where we will use our creative abilities, vocal chords, sense of rhythm (or lack of it!) to express our joy. Their will be lots of laughter!

At last Michele and I are doing a CONCERT of the TRIBAL HEART CD here in Quesada where I live - 7.30pm at the Centro Cultural. Cost 2 Euros.

And on Friday 8th April, Anna Marie (who has a workshop in Benijofar) and I invite you to come and make a Mandala with Mosaics.

Check Events for more information

13th February 2011

The Tribal Heart CD is now available to buy online either as a downloadable product in MP3 format (€12) or as a physical CD (€15 plus P&P). You can purchase online through our secure ordering facility using PayPal.

7th January 2011

Dates announced for exciting new Mandala workshop using Mosaics with Stephanie and Anna Marie in Benijofar.

6th January 2011

I'll be doing the third concert to promote the new CD TRIBAL HEARTthat I've made with Michele Averard, on Sunday 16th January at 5.30pm at the Venus Hotel in Albir. Check the Events page for more information, or ring me for details.

The concerts we did before Christmas were a great success! The one at the Dome was to a home crowd so we expected a good turn out and it was wonderful! We also did one in the Espacio Ronda in Madrid and that was fantastic! Totally packed. So full of love. I send thanks to all who came!

20h November 2010

There will be a concert at the DOME, ALCALALI (phone for directions) on SUNDAY 5th December at 6.30pm. cost 10 Euros, to celebrate the new CD "TRIBAL HEART" that Michele Averard and I have recorded.

27th October 2010

I've been invited to do a Mandala workshop on the 5th December at the Dome in Alcalali. Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum built it to be a acred space for sound and creativity, and many other things! Check out Events.

12th October 2010

Have a listen to Great Central Sun Divine my newest song to go on the website! I'm beginning to get the hang of Garageband at last. This is a recording program on my mac that I am thoroughly enjoying.

1st September 2010

I have returned from the South West of Norway having had a brilliant time with my friend Alison. (www.aimstudio.info | www.aimstudio.biz). Such a beautiful country! Alison's house is actually across the road from a fjord! The workshops went really well and I met some wonderful people.

For those who enjoy painting - and for those who don't know yet that they enjoy painting! - the next Mandala workshop will be on the anniversary of 9/11 and has the theme of the Violet Flame of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. Check out Events.

25th April 2010

My friend, Alison Meyer, a wonderful healer and spiritual self-development counselor, has invited me to do my sound and art workshops, plus a few individual sessions, at her lovely house in Avaldsnes, on the island of Karmoey, SW coast of Norway. I will be there from the 3rd - 16th August 2010. If you happen to be in the vicinity.... come on in! For more info see Events.

10th February 2010

Sunday 14th Feb, (Valentine's Day) is World Sound Healing Day. So if you can spare 5mins to tone or sing "AH" (heart sound/vibration) to help heal the Earth, you will be joining people all over the world creating love and joy. For more information visit Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds website.

5th January 2010

New workshop dates have been added for February and March 2010.

Free your Spirit workshops begin on 4th February.

Mandala painting workshops begin on 14th February.

Check our events pages for full details.

5th December 2009


My friend Michele Averard of Harmonic Sounds (she is a Sound therapist, Shamanic healer singer, and much more) has offered their Dome and Tipee for the ritual, which is fantastic! There is such a wonderful, powerful, healing energy there. We will be guiding the ceremony together. We have performed together in a couple of Sound Concerts, and are in the process of recording a CD of mantras, so this feels like a natural step! The Dome is in Alcalali, inland from Benissa and just passed Jalon.

NEW VENUE - La Cupula (the Dome), Cami La Racona, Alcalali, 03728 Alicante
DATE AND TIME - Monday 21st December, 7pm - 10pm
NEW PRICE - 13 Euros

Please bring something little (finger food) to share after the ceremony. (This is not complusory!) And please phone for directions if necessary (627060429 or 966718077). For information on the theme of the Winter Solstice, please read below.

This is the longest night from which comes the growing of the light. This is the seed point, the stillness before action. The resting place where ideas are born. The Goddess is reborn, we are reborn! We will be singing and drumming and dreaming the dream onward.

Blessed Be,

19th November 2009

There are still a few places left on the last two Sacred Art workshops of the year. The theme is Fairies on Sat 28th November - the last one was great fun. Some beautiful Faerie Mandalas were created, and some new friendships were made, and I'm seeing fairies everywhere!

And on Friday 11th December our focus will be the Chakras. We'll be looking at traditional images and colours and then painting what our heart sees. Click the links above for more information for more information.

8th November 2009

There is a new Mandala in the Sacred Art gallery called the Diamond Doorways based on Metatron's Cube.

We have recently added over 20 designs to the Venus Rules shop on CafePress, including designs for Yuletide/Christmas. Check out our Christmas Angel and Peace Candle designs for great Christmas cards.

1st October 2009

If you live on or near the Costa Blanca check our the dates of our up and coming art and sound workshops. Themes for the painting workshops include: connecting with the active warrior within, mother earth, fairies, nymphs & dryads, and chakra clearing.