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Tribal Heart CD


Recorded by Stephanie Brent and Michele Averard Michele Averard at the Dome in Alcalali, Spain - using instruments ancient and modern.

Tribal Heart

This CD consists of 10 beautiful songs and chants and can be used for healing, meditation, and sheer enjoyment! Plus a little secret love song at the end.

  1. Namayo
    An awakening to the healing of our own personal sound.

  2. Here I AM - download or listen to this track
    A lullaby from the Divine Mother to our inner child, including a South African prayer/chant.

  3. Tribal Heart
    A calling to all those traveling on this path.

  4. Holy Mary
    Praise for the Divine Feminine.

  5. Ba bait sheli
    A song in Hebrew. "In my house the table is big enough for all children. In my house there is peace".

  6. Violet Flame - download or listen to this track
    Invoking the Violet Flame, overtones by Nestor Kornblum.

  7. Serene and Still
    A chant that brings about a sense of peace and tranquility.

  8. I AM that I AM
    A song/chant that takes us deep into the Oneness of All.

  9. Sacred is the Word - download or listen to this track
    Mantras from all over the world.

  10. Thank You
    Sung in many different languages!

  11. Sacred
    A love song.