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Tribal Heart CD


Purchase the Tribal Heart CD online as an instant download in MP3 format for 12

Tribal Heart > CD Download

The Tribal Heart CD is available to purchase online as an instant download in MP3 format for 12 through our secure ordering facility using PayPal.

On completion of your purchase you will be directed to the download page where you can immediately access the Tribal Heart album.

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Purchase the Tribal Heart CD as an instant download in MP3 format for 12

1. Namayo
2. Here I AM
3. Tribal Heart
4. Holy Mary
5. Ba bait sheli
6. Violet Flame
7. Serene and Still
8. I AM that I AM
9. Sacred is the Word
10. Thank You
11. Sacred

I have experienced Stephanie Brent both live and her magical voice, words and music on her CD's. She brings joy and harmony in the hearts of all the people she meets on her life line. She has a colourful aura and is put on the earth plane at this era in time to give her music to us, to reach our hearts, feelings and for us to mend, understand and believe in ourself and in others. We often wonder why we meet certain people, we often wonder what was the positive intention behind our experiences both positive and negative. I believe Stephanie is here to teach us, for us to see deep inside ourselves who we are as human beings living on the earth plane to serve and give from the heart.
Alison Irene Meyer - Norway

Beautiful songs dear Stephanie! Good luck!
Lilly Bohler

The music is wonderful. I loved it, so did Bryan.
Ann Archer