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Musically my roots are folk and musicals... I love rhythm especially skin drums and percussion. I love most kinds of music, from blues to choral, as long as it makes me feel something! To dance with joy, to feel sexy, to feel included, to weep cathartically, to "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again", this is what music is about for me.

Stay Free > Album

The Stay Free album is available to purchase as an instant download in MP3 format. * Please note: Due to copyright restrictions, Fields of Athenry is not currently available as a download.

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Purchase the Stay Free album as an instant download for only 9

1. In the centre
2. For those of us
3. Woe is me
4. You know my name
5. Woman of the wild
6. Feigned love
7. Everything she touches
8. Not a whisper
9. Walk in freedom
10. I'll be your navigator


I love the album. I had heard "Everything She Touches" a few years ago in the early stages of my own religious voyage and it moved me, in a cheerful and light sort of way. Since then, I had been trying to find it from time to time as I would be reminded of it, and then came across your website.

What a treat!

All of the songs are wonderful. Thank you for using your talent to such good purpose.

Bright Blessings;
Caillean Mcmahon Tronetti, western New York, USA