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Free Your Spirit, Sing Your Soul - Free Downloads
May the Wind clear your mind, the Sun warm your heart, the Rain wash your tears, and the Earth always nourish you

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Great Central Sun Divine

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I read a brilliant article in the magazine "Paradigm Shift" by Edwin Courtenay, channelling Serapis Bey, and at the end of it there was a little verse of the most beautiful comforting words that sang to me. Please check out Edwin's website, it's full of inspiration and wisdom.

I recorded this myself at home on Garageband.

I am the Soul

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I recorded this with my friend Javier Castaņo. The lyrics for this chant are based on an affirmation in Soul-Centered Astrology by Alan Oken. The book is great, and that particular affirmation really found a resonance in me. It helps me detach myself a little from the chosen persona of this life and reconnect with Source / the Eternal Light / Universal Energy. This is a favourite song / chant at my Free your Spirit Sing your Soul workshop gatherings, although it often goes on for longer than 5 mins.

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