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Mandala (Sanskrit meaning - disc)
Since time began the peoples of the world have been making mandalas to describe the physical and the spiritual Universe around them.

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Come and join us at one of our Mandala Painting Workshops in Costa Blanca, Spain. Using pattern, colour, and any symbols that feel relevant. Draw, design and paint your own mandala, or choose a Celtic, Native American or Astrological mandala and colour them in your own style.

Each Mandala workshop has a different theme. For example, we have a series based on the Four Directions or Medicine Wheel. We look at the associations (traditional and personal) of each Direction e.g. East - the rising sun, the element of air, springtime, new beginnings, the animals, birds and flowers most associated with the East.

After talking about our ideas we connect to the Still point deep inside and I take everyone on a journey, a creative visualisation through all of the Directions and back to the Centre. From this Still Place in the Centre we choose which Direction calls to us the most.

After the meditation we discuss (individually) how each person wants to express their choice artistically, what symbols or shapes they want to use and how to draw and paint them. I have loads of books and photographs to inspire, copy or trace.

For those with little or no artistic experience I show how to use a compass, protractor and other tools of the trade.

It is not just the artistic activity and mandala creation that is important at our sessions, it's also about the joy of sharing it with other like-minded souls, of encouragement and support, of discussion, silence and peace.

So come and enjoy drawing easy shapes - circles, triangles, squares, rectangles - and fill them with colour. It can be as simple or as intricate as you like. Allow the harmony of these ancient diagrams to soothe and energize.

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If you would like to organise a mandala painting group workshop in your area (anywhere in Costa Blanca) please call me to discuss :-)


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