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Welcome to the Venus Rules Painted Mandala Gallery. You can click on the links and images below to view each mandala on it's own page.

Sacred Mandalas

Angel of Love and Forgiveness - Painted Mandala
Angel of Love and Forgiveness

Born Again - Painted Mandala
Born Again

Grace and Change - Painted Mandala
Grace and Change


Although I am not a trained artist I have always used drawing and painting as a kind of therapy. After I had painted all the astrological mandalas I was hooked on painting circles and designed and painted personal ones for friends.

These are my personal ones, painted in the last four years, since living in Spain. The first few are a journey back to myself after the death of a loved one, and the others are whatever was inside me at the time!

Healing Rocket - Painted Mandala
Healing Rocket

In the Centre - Painted Mandala
In the Centre

Star - Painted Mandala

Star Shield - Painted Mandala
Star Shield

El Mundo - Painted Mandela
El Mundo

Christmas Angel - Painted Mandala
Christmas Angel

Mandala of the North - Painted Mandala
Mandala of the North

New Earth Star Transport - Painted Mandala
New Earth Star Transport

Vesica Pisces - The Gateway - Painted Mandala
Vesica Pisces The Gateway

The Diamond Doorways - Painted Mandala
The Diamond Doorways