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Mandala (Sanskrit meaning - disc):
Since time began the peoples of the world have been making mandalas to describe the physical and the spiritual Universe around them. We hope you enjoy browsing our mandala and other art galleries. Don't forget you can buy items with our designs through the venus rules shop. Or book a place on one of our mandala painting workshops.

Venus Rules Galleries

Cancer - Astrological Mandala
Astrological Mandalas
I started painting astrological mandalas when I was doing natal charts for friends. I enjoyed drawing the charts out for myself and colouring them in. Then somehow (heaven sent probably) I had the idea of painting a design for each sign inside a circle.

I had seen the yin and yang mandala, and a few others, but had no idea of the real significance. I just liked the idea of a pattern in a circle. Also I love the fact that when I paint them in different colours, the patterns change.
Healing Rocket - Painted Mandala
Sacred Mandalas
These are painted whenever the need arises. Sometimes inspired by other mandalas I have seen, and sometimes the urge to express something non-verbal, a prayer, a joy, a healing.
Native American Art
Native American Inspired Art
I love the simplicity and boldness of the drawings, and the wonderful contrast of colours. From the moment I came into contact with the stories and mythological characters in them my "inner child" knew she had come home. If you want to know more about the Medicine animals, stories and mythology go to Resources for Jamie Sams' website. Iíve been using her Sacred Path cards, and Medicine cards (which she created with David Carson) for years.


Astrological Mandalas
Sacred Mandalas
Native American Art

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